Friday, April 8, 2011

Bandung Oh Bandung !!! (1)

I'm sure Bandung is one of so much talk about among bloggers, be it as shopping paradise or food paradise and their must visit spa. My friends and I had been contemplating to visit Bandung ever since last year but to no avail until we finally made a very quick decision last month. However, at the very last minute, the plan almost cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. Fortunately, despite having lots of hiccup here and there, we finally managed to board flight MH868, 31 March 2011, 12 noon to Bandung. MAS was having its offer that you can't refuse. Return air ticket to Bandung cost us only RM369 inclusive of everything.

Although I was very tired after coming back from Singapore a day earlier and a very hectic shedule for the past 4 days when I was in Singapore, the thought of going to have fun with friends has somehow, given me strength and I did even forget my tiredness.

More stories coming soon !!!

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