Monday, July 11, 2011

All Time Favourite !!

I still remember when I first set my eyes on him was like long time ago when he made his first series appearance in 21 Jump Street. Ever since that he never fails to stun me and I believe the rest of his fans with his versatile character. His versatility of roles as you could find it in Edward Scissorhand, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, Pirates of The Caribbean (the latest sequel, teamed up with Penelope Cruz), Alice In Wonderland makes him undoubtedly incredible actor.

In 21 Jump Street

Mad Hatter in Alice In Wonderland

Willy Wonka In Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, this movie would glue me and my kids in front of tv

Captain Jack Sparrow

p/s Pictures credit to Google


jelita78 said...

luluh jantungku tgk depp ni..
heartthrob sungguh!

SM@A said...

Tulah sis !!
Head over heels ever since dia muncul dalam 21 Jump Street.


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