Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bandung Oh Bandung !!! (3)

Let us continue with Bandung.

Am not going to post an essay here on what to do in Bandung coz I believe you have read everything about Bandung somewhere. However, for ladies out there Pasar Baru is a must visit. A massive clothes, ready made (wide selection of Muslimah attire) and fabric market but watch out for snatch thief. Our supir kept on reminding us to take a good care of our belongings when were there.

My friend tengah ghairah memilih.

D'Fashion, please visit this shop for their wide selection of awesome cotton (Japan, English, Swiss) and not forgetting, lace

Those are mine, in the plastic, for this coming Hariraya..

Sir Cinta, where we bought our telekung and some lovely fabrics

As for factory outlet, I would prefer and recommed Rumah Mode, Summit and Heritage. I feel comfortable and more confident with their quality and originality. Summit, they have what you call Super Grade imitation handbags. You should check out their Chanel, LV, Salvatore, Burberry. They are so high quality imitation handbags complete with boxes, dust bag and authentication card. These super grade handbags cost around RM500 - RM800 per bag.

Someone once told me that whenever you visit Indonesia, you must pay a visit to their spa. I agree with that. We went to Mariaty's Spa and pampered ourselves after a long day at Tangkuban Perahu, Ciater Hot Spring and Strawberry Farm. It was damn cheap for 2 hours treatment. After the treatment, we went straight back to the hotel and had a very good deep sleep. Super recommended and a worth visiting spa when you visit Bandung.

Mariaty's Spa Entrance

Interior decoration

Next, their local delicacies. You should look for Bakso Malang (so delicious), Batagor Riri (mouthwatering when I type this), Teh Botol, Fruit Tea, Makanan Sunda, Nasi Padang (personally I prefer Nasi Padang to Makanan Sunda) and their all sorts of kerupuk. Try their kerupuk Pisang Cheese, Tempe and fuhh.. the list goes on, varieties I just can't remember.

Presenting .... batagor

The famous Batagor Riri

Makanan Sunda, try their Ikan Gurame Berlada.

A must try, Teh Botol, your thirst quencher

Kerupuk anyone ?

Amanda Brownies Kukus is another oleh-oleh from Bandung that you must not forget. I just love its super moist and soft texture. They have wide range of flavour but I personally in love with the original flavour.

So much of Bandung, better sign off now, till next entry.

p/s : Baru perasan, dah macam essay lah pulak. Ghairah bercerita sampai tak sedar.

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