Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Muneera's Birthday

19 June, Friday - Muneera's 7th birthday. I know, I know some of you might wonder why I only upload the entry today. FYI guys, I couldn't locate all the photos during Muneera's birthday but somehow yesterday, while I was browsing some old folders, I accidently bumped into these photos I've been looking for.

Anyway, she asked for a Barbie Doll cake. My husband and I, almaklumlah, caring and loving parent; trying our best to fulfil her wish. So, I ordered the cake from Zana. Sapa-sapa yang nak tempah cake, any types of cake, bolehlah contact Zana. She's very helpful and I enjoy dealing with her. Cake Zana pun sedap.

Her birthday cake

What does matter is actually her smiles and the look in her eyes the moment she saw the cake. Its priceless ..........

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